In case you didn’t know…

In case you didn’t know…

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

In case you didn’t know I’m also offering: Skin Needling, Scar Relaxation and Melanocyte Restoration as well as Areola Re-pigmentation.
Skin Needling is a process which a “dry needle” is directed through the center of crevices (wrinkles) or acne scars, causing the body to generate collagen and elastin directing it to the affected area.
Scar Relaxation is a process that will release fibrous bands of scar tissue from the patient’s affected area. This will acheive more maneuverability in the contractured tissue, and the tissue will be flatter, giving the patient range of motion without having surgery. This is perfect for burn victims and scars with a lot of scar tissue.
Melanocyte Restoration is the process that assists the cells in manufacturing melanin in the affected area. If white spots are present on your skin, this process may initiate melanin activity to help restore skin tone to the white spots, restoring natural skin tone to the areas.
Areola Re-pigmentation is the process of blending a color formula, and by use of a tattoo device to shape and color areolas on men and women who have had reconstructive surgery due to cancer or other surgeries.

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